Senior Parachutist Army Badge Airborne Full Size - Mirror Finish

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Army Senior Parachutist - Airborne - Mirror Finish I.DESCRIPTION: A mirror finished badge 1-13/64 inches in height and 1-1/2 inches in width, consisting of an open parachute on and over a pair of stylized wings displayed and curving invward. A star and wreath are above the parachute canopy indicates a Senior Parachutist; the star surronded by a laurel wreath indicates a Master Parachutist. Small stars are superimposed on the appropiate badge indicate combat jumps.II. SYMBOLISM: The wings suggest flight and, together with the open parachute, symbolize individual proficiency and parachute qualifications.III. AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Basic, Senior and Master Parachutist badges are awarded to individuals rated excellent in character and efficiency who have met the following requirements:Senior: Participated in a minimum of 30 jumps to include 15 jumps with combat equipment, 2 night jumps, one of which is as jumpmaster of a stick; 2 mass tactical jumps which culminate in an airborne assault problem; graduated from the Jumpmaster course; and served on jump status with an airborne unit or other organization authorized parachutists for a total of at least 24 months.