Sewing & Alterations

Here at Bradley’s we offer a variety of sewing services.

 Custom Nametapes with and without Velcro

Cateye bands

Sewing nametapes and/or Luminous Tape (aka cateyes) on gear (rucks, assault packs, camelbaks, etc). Need something fixed?  Bring it in and we’ll see if we can help. 

Yes, we can take care of your OCP Uniforms!

Our alterations department can sew on nametapes, U.S. Army, Rank and Special Badges as well as any patches you desire.  We will also remove the velcro for you! In addition, we can sew Engineer Tape, fix you up for Ranger school, or anything else you're looking to achieve!

Need some TLC for your ASU’s?  We got you covered!

Dry Cleaning services are available. Typically we can have these back to you in 24 hours. If you require sewing, setup or other services it might be a bit longer. 

Got a new jacket?  No worries!  We can add rank, a sleeve braid, service stripe, overseas bars and get it fitting just right.

Can’t find a jacket in your size? Bring in what you got and we’ll do our best to alter it to fit you. Got a jacket you love but you’ve been promoted?  Bring it in and we’ll convert it to an officer's jacket. 

Pants don’t fit quite right?  We’ll do what we can to help, and if you need an NCO stripe, we got you covered. 

All sewing is done to regulation and follows AR 670-1 guidelines.


Have a project or questions on something not listed?   Give us a call at (800) 503-4954 and ask for sewing. You are also more than welcome to bring it in and speak with one of our talented seamstresses.