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Standard Military Issue Heavy Duty Cattlehide Gloves

Standard Military Issue Heavy Duty Cattlehide Gloves

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  • Standard issue work glove for the US Military intended for performing heavy-duty work including construction, loading and unloading, rope handling and storage and other strenuous activities.
  • This glove may be worn alone or as a shell and in combination with thermal inserts or chemical protective hand wear.
  • The Gunn Cut style with wing thumb offers dexterity while cowhide leather, welts and palm patch provide improved durability.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Unissued...because they're defective.

These gloves are advertised as new and unissued, and the ones I received certainly were that. Both gloves were cut and sewn incorrectly so that the seams twist around the fingers and the tags showed marked-out DLA contract numbers, which means they were rejected by a contract inspector. One glove glove had three twisted fingers, making it uncomfortable to wear and difficult to do anything requiring dextarity in, the other only had a twisted index finger. If you decide to gamble on these, buy multiple pairs and maybe you'll get two that aren't that bad.

Robert Bodine
Soo hard to find

These are in really great shape and are great if you have thorny foliage that you need to remove. Great customer service as well

Substitution of item

My selected item was not available, and the website was unable to indicate that when I ordered. A substitution was made during fulfillment that was the incorrect size, and the condition was used vice new. When Customer service was contacted by email they agreed to accept the return and refund the purchase.

Stephen Taylor
Tried and True USGI Heavy Duty Canvas Gloves

I worked the flight line on the F-4E Phantom, F-15C Eagle, and F-16 Falcon while serving as a Weapons Technician in the USAF many years ago. These gloves served me very well while I was stationed in Iceland and Arizona! They are part of a system that incorporates a wool insert if needed. The work gloves were issued when you first arrived, and were surrendered when they became unserviceable or when one was reassigned elsewhere. So, it was difficult to stow away a pair of these gloves just for me,

There are many other foreign imports, or higher tech options available in today's marketplace. Regardless, I decided to go with the gloves I know and have fond memories of.

Mike deMayo
Great Work Gloves

Have worn this Army issue glove type for work and play for over 40 years. Excellent quality, hard working gloves at a fair price. This purchase is to gift a pair to my sons and sons-in-law, and to replace my own, which I give very hard wear and tear to practically everyday, outdoors around my property.