Combat Infantry Badge 1ST Award - Mini - Mirror Finish

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Mini Combat Infantry 1AWD Minature Badge Description: A dress miniature badge, 1-1/4 inches in length is authorized for wear on the mess uniforms. A miniature badge , 1-3/4 inches is also authorized in lieu of the regular size badge. Symbolism: The blue bar is the color associated with the Infantry branch. The musket is adapted from the Infantry insignia of branch and represents the first official U.S shoulder arm, the 1795 model Springfield Arsenal musket. It was adopted as the official Infantry branch insignia in 1924. The oak symbolizes steadfastness, strenght and loyalty. Stars are added to the top of the wreath to indicate subsequent awards; one star for the second award, two stars for the third award and three stars for the fourth award.Award Eligibility: Awarded to personnel in the grade of Colonel or below with an infantry military occupational specialty who have satisfactorily performed duty while assigned as a member of an infantry unit, brigade or smaller size, after December 1941, when engaged in active ground combat. Expanded to permit award to Command Sergeants Major of infantry battalions or brigades, effective 1 January 1967. Specific criteria for each conflict was also established.