Army Basic Parachutist Badge OCP Sew-On Patch

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  • Basic Parachutist OCP badge sew-on patch for Army OCP uniforms.
  • It is awarded if you have completed the basic course for parachutists.
  • 3 color OCP.
  • Made in the USA.

Why does my OCP patch or name tape look lighter than previous issued patches and name tapes?

In an effort to standardize insignia across the Army, Air Force, and Space Force, The Institute of Heraldry collaborated with PEO-S to transition each branches insignia. The OCP rank insignia, badges, name, and service tapes are now a lighter, three-color background pattern instead of the previous seven-color pattern. This modification aims to enhance readability and facilitate easier recognition of ranks, addressing the challenge posed by the previous seven-color background. By simplifying these features without compromising the overall functionality of the uniform, the transition seeks to improve situational awareness in day-to-day interactions for military personnel.

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Donald Caul
OCP Basic Parachutist Badge

Nicely sewn, thoughtfully folded, and courteous quick shipping. I highly recommend Bradley's Surplus.

Elijah Brown
Basic Parachute Army Airborne Wings

Great product and ready and easy to use.

Basic Airborne wing

Looks good and no issues. Recieved in a timely manner

Frank Sylvester

The wings where folded and easy to sew on, shipping is too much for something that could be shipped in a envelope. I would like to order more cloth wings but not for $11 shipping.