22nd Infantry Regiment Unit Crest - Deeds, Not Words - Set of 2

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  • Distinguished Unit Crest, 22nd Infantry, Deeds, Not Word, left and right sold in a 2 pack.
  • Made in the USA to official U.S. military specifications. The Hallmark with the Institute of Heraldry is S-38.
  • Made in the USA.

Two regiments have held the designation 22nd Infantry since 1812. The original 22nd Infantry Regiment was officially constituted on June 26, 1812. General Winfield Scott was responsible for outfitting these new troops, but due to a shortage of blue cloth, he was forced to substitute a rough, gray material for his rifleman. On July 5, 1814, the Regiment entered into battle with a superior British force near the town of Chippewa, Canada. The British General, Sir Jonathan Rialls saw the gray-clad regiment in the center and the right of the American battle line. Rialls is said to have remarked, "Today should be an easy day. Those men are nothing but the Buffalo militia." Rialls' tone soon changed as the gray line began to advance in a disciplined manner. The Regiment started its final charge only 50 meters from the British when the British broke and left the battlefield. Rialls' adjutant asked the general if he was sure that the gray-clad soldiers were militia, General Rialls replied, "Those are Regulars by God." General Rialls' statement of praise has become the official motto of the 22nd Infantry Regiment.