COVID and USPS Shipping Delays

Bradley's is fully staffed and shipping out packages on time. If you choose USPS shipping you may experience delays due to USPS experiencing slower delivery times since early April.  You can read about the USPS and the effects of COVID on delivery by visiting,

We understand that you want your orders to arrive as soon as possible and we are doing everything we can on our end to get your orders picked, packed (and for custom items like nametapes and name plates, we make those and they can sometimes take over 24 hours to complete depending on the volume of orders). and picked up by USPS or UPS within 24 hours.

If you choose UPS shipping at checkout you will have a better chance of receiving your items on time.

We cannot give refunds for shipping that is delayed due to these issues, and again, strongly encourage anyone on a time crunch to choose UPS as their delivery method.

We will not remove USPS from our shipping options however, in order to continue to be able to serve our customers and service members that are stationed at a PO Box or overseas.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.