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Wartech CS:GO Widow's Web Karambit Knife

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The Wartech CS:GO Widow's Web Karambit Knife comes from a design of both utility and comabt battle tested and approved by survivors utilizing a karambit knife. Historically, the karambit was widely used as a utility blade during routine chores. It would have been considered the "every day carry" or EDC blade of ancient Southeast Asia. Even today, in remote Filipino and Indonesian regions, karambits crop up as the "pocket knife" of choice.Traditional or very early versions (11th-14th century designs) of the Filipino karambit and Indonesian karambit may or may not have possessed a safety ring, which is also known as a retention ring. As centuries passed and the blade's function, features and use evolved, the safety ring has essentially morphed into a modern karambit design requirement. A karambit's safety ring is positioned at the end of the handle and it allows the user to insert a finger through the ring before closing their hand on the knife's handle. Some karambits have a secondary safety ring located on the shaft of the handle just below the blade itself.The safety ring is designed to prevent the karambit from sliding back through the user's hand while working at odd angles, on difficult tasks or in specialized environments (like underwater or while hanging upside down). In battle, the safety ring provides a strong, sure hold in all conditions and through the most unexpected stressors. The karambit's safety ring makes the knife exceptionally difficult to disarm or to turn against its user and it also allows the wielder to rely on the blade’s design for increased weapon retention instead of depending on grip strength alone. Whether the user’s hand is open or closed, moving or motionless, palm-up, palm-down or anywhere in between, due to the safety ring, a karambit knife is always secure and in optimal position for use. A karambit's grip security is particularly valuable when the knife is covered in dust, mud, water or blood or when the karambit is being utilized at the difficult angles required in combative application.Features:7 1/2" Overall Length2 1/2" Stainless Steel BladeBlue Finish with Spider Web5" Black ABS HandleIncludes Plastic Sheath