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Genuine Issue Military Distress Marker Light

Genuine Issue Military Distress Marker Light

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A light designed to give the location of or indicate a person in distress. It is also used to mark line obstructions or hazards to ships for night replenishment at sea. May have facilities for sending coded signals. Includes flashlight types designed to be attached to a person in distress.

Attached infrared (IR) filter for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) viewing. Directional, shielded blue filter. Identifies strobe from ground fire. Raised polarity indicators allow correct battery replacement even when visibility is low. Compact, lightweight and waterproof to 50 feet. Large sliding switch for easy operation under any conditions. Battery door attached to case to prevent loss. Shield extends/retracts for omni- or uni-directional visibility. IR filter blocks all visiblelight (lets through only IR light). Raised polarity indicators allow correct battery replacement in low or no visibility conditions. New braided steel retainer keeps battery door from being lost. Operates on 2 standard alkaline AA batteries - disposal causes no environmental impact For extreme cold environments or long term storage, use 2 common lithium batteries. Blue filter distinguishes strobe from ground fire when in place.


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Customer Reviews

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Butch Sims

Really cool to have a piece of history like this. Works great. Brings back a TON of memories. I actually thought that it came with the pouch. But still happy with it.


Works but damaged

Plastic housing was missing a section in the seal area. This prevents it from being water tight, and most likely will reduce it's life significantly. The product technically works. The light flashes as expected. I will need to modify housing by wrapping electrical tape around seal and hope that will keep it intact.