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Army Reserve Component Achievement Miniature Medal

Army Reserve Component Achievement Miniature Medal

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  • Miniature Medal, Non-Anodized, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal
  • Sold individually
  • Made in the USA
  • The last of the Reserve Good Conduct Medals to be authorized, the U.S. Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal (ARCAM),[3] was established by the Secretary of the Army on 3 March 1971 and amended by DA General Orders 4, in 1974.

The Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal is awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity while serving as a member of an Army National Guard or Army Reserve Troop Program Unit for each three-year period since 3 March 1972. Effective 28 March 1995, the period of qualifying service for the award was reduced from four years to three years; however, this change was not retroactive. Service must have been consecutive and service performed in the Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard may not be credited for award of this medal. The member must have exhibited honest and faithful service in accordance with the standards of conduct, courage and duty required by law and customs of the service of a member of the same grade as the individual to whom the standard is being applied. A member must be recommended for the award by his or her unit commander whose recommendation is based on personal knowledge of the individual and the individual’s official records of periods of service under prior commanders during the period for which the award is made. Furthermore, a Commander may not delay award or extend the qualifying period for misconduct. A determination that service is not honorable as prescribed negates the entire period of the award.Soldiers who are ordered to active duty in the AGR program will be awarded the ARCAM if they have completed 2 of the 3 years required (Good Conduct Medal eligibility starts on the effective date of the AGR order). Soldiers with less than 2 years will not receive an award. Service lost may be recovered if the Soldier is separated honorably from the AGR program and reverts to troop program unit service, for example, a Soldier serves 1 year and 6 months of qualifying service and is ordered to an AGR tour. This service is not sufficient for award of the ARCAM. When the Soldier leaves the AGR program that 1 year and 6 months is granted towards the next award of the ARCAM. Only the State Adjutant General may determine that the AGR service was not sufficiently honorable enough to revoke the previously earned time, regardless of the type of separation given.The ARCAM is awarded to both officer and enlisted members of the Army Reserve (all enlisted ranks are eligible as well as officer ranks up to Colonel) and has basically the same criteria as the other Reserve Services for award of a Reserve Good Conduct Medal. The Armed Forces Reserve Medal (AFRM) is a similar award which is given for ten years of honorable reserve service (consecutive without a break in service) and is presented to both officers and enlisted personnel.


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