"Working Together to Provide You Better Service!"

Bradley's Military President

William G. McKinney

Bill McKinney

1982 - 1986 United States Army - Corporal Field Artillery

1986 - 1988 Jefferson Community College Business Admin., A.S.

1989 - 1990 Clarkson University - Finance/Economics, B.S.

1990 - 1992 United States Army - Lieutenant Infantry

1992 - Current Bradley's Military Enterprises - Founder/President

"I place a premium on quality customer service. I concentrate on forming long lasting business relationships rather than profit maximization or closing individual sales. My philosophy is if you concentrate on satisfying your customer's needs with superior service everything else will fall into place."


Bradley's Management

Michael J. Seymour

Michael Seymour

2002 - 2000 Jefferson Community College - A.A. Liberal Arts - Phi Theta Kapa

2000 - 2004 Account Analyst - S & A Services

2004 - 2010 Team Manager - Stream Global Services

2010 - 2010 Mail Order Clerk - Bradley's Military

2010 - 2011 Mail Order Supervisor - Bradley's Military

2011 - November 2014 Assistant Store Manager - Bradley's Military

November 2014 - Present General Store Manager

"I treat my job like I do my home. It's a family. We work together, learn together, laugh together and grow together. I would like to see our Online/Web Sales grow over the coming year so that whether you're across the country or across the ocean you can shop at Bradley's and get the same wonderful customer service that our local customer's have come to expect."


Jim Sweet

1971 - 1975 E. Nazarene College - Philosophy, B.A.

1979 Boston University - EdM

1983 E. Nazarene College - M.A.

1975 - 1991 United States Army - SFC Chaplain's Assistant

1997 - 1998 Jefferson Community College - Accounting Cert.

2005 - 2007 Mail Order Manager - Bradley's Military

2008 - 2009 Assistant Store Manager - Bradley's Military

November, 2009 - November 2014 General Store Manager - Bradley's Military

November 2014 - Present Assistant Store Manager - Bradley's Military

"I believe everything belongs in a proper place. I work on improving Bradley's organization. I am very goal-oriented. I'm dedicated to Bradley's and its customers."


Julie Brooks


1982 Jefferson Community College- Business Administration A.S.

2006 University of Pheonix- Accounting B.A.

2012 Bradley's Chief Financial Officer/ Human Resources Manager


"With over 20 years of experience working for C.P.A. firms, I bring experience and knowledge to Bradley's Military that will help take us to the next level as an organization."

Bradley's Mail Order Staff

Kelly Mason                                                  Matthew Coppola                                            Scott MacPherson

Kelly Mason
                                                    Matt                                                Scott


Joined Bradley's Team: 2010                                         Joined Bradley's Team: 2013                                            Joined Bradley's Team: 2014


Bradley's Store Operations

Kay McNeil                                                             Frank LaFazia


Joined Bradley's Team: 2010                                            Joined Bradley's Team: 2011




Bradley's Sewing Center

           Cathy Arie                                      Holly Douglas                      Malisa Williams                   Tina Bowman                     June Brown

 Joined Bradley's Team: 2001                         Joined Bradley's Team: 2013


Bradley's Uniform Prep


Melissa Johnson                                       Brian Dommell


Bradley's Trophy Shop

Joshua Seiders                                                   Grant Palmer                                                    Nix Fitzsimmons




Joined Bradley's Team: 2013                                         Joined Bradley's Team: 2013                                                  Joined Bradley's Team: 2013