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Standard Military Nametape with Hook Fastener on the back (Hook Adds $2.00 to the price). If you need the fastener portion, add the Soft Velcro For ACU/OCP Uniform Nametapes to your shopping cart.

** If you are looking to order the nostalgia OD Green style nametape, make sure you choose the 1842 Blue for your Thread Color.**

OCP, ACU, Desert Sand and Navy New & Old would have lettering size of .75” and the rest would be at a measurement of 5/8” for the lettering. Unless specified, all orders will be in all caps.

The Letters P, Q and G will decrease the height of the letters if left lower case. If order is in all caps, and still contains the letter Q, the name will be slightly smaller in height. ABU has no lowercase in its font

The Standard Military Nametape is 5 and 1/4 inches long by 1 inch high. The Desert Sand Color comes in different size compared to the other colors. It is 5 inches in length by 1.25 inches tall vs the normal 1 inch tall.

These are the following color combinations for Military Regulations:

  • ACU (ARMY) : Black Thread Color
  • OCP (ARMY): Black Thread Color
  • ABU: Air Force Blue Thread Color
  • Marpat: Black Thread Color
  • DCU: Cinnamon Thread Color
  • Olive Drab: Black Thread Color
  • BDU: Black Thread Color
  • Woodland Marpat: Black Thread Color
  • Space Force: Navy Blue Thread Color

All Nametapes are made in our store on a first come, first serve basis. If you need your nametapes by a certain day or time PLEASE CONTACT US.

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Thank you great work and service


Turned out great and arrived fast!

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Awesome work. I highly recommend people to order from Bradley’s Surplus.


Custom Nametapes

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They came out great just like I asked

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