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Top Gun Costume

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Top Gun Costume Package - Save 5.00!

Costume package includes the following items (click item numbers if you wish to purchase items separately):

1 - #7500 - Olive Drab Flight Suit
1 - #BSC-001 Standard Set of Silver Dog Tags w/Chain

Suggested, but not included:

1 - #10201- Mirror Air Force Style Sunglasses
1 - #5081 - Rothco Black Jungle Boots
1 - #BSC-VBL-R - Custom Velcro Nametapes - Black w/Red Thread

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Is your idea of fun flying upside down in an outrageously expensive military aircraft? Are you prone to spontaneous outbursts of Little Richard? Do you have the requirement for dangerously increased forward velocity?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may have a rare disease known as "Maverickosis", a rare but treatable condition that seems to be affecting people fond of certain 80s movies. Treatment varies from case to case, but sometimes will include taking the following steps:

1. Spending at least an hour in any aircraft-shaped vehicle or similar structure. Yes, the little kind made for kids that takes quarters will work just fine.

2. Telling that son of a motherless goat who just cut you off on the highway that he just cut you off.

3. Doing any of the above activities in a flight suit and sunglasses.

You're on your own for the first two, but we will be glad to help you look like you walked straight off the runway, twenty five years ago. With this costume, all you need is a cocky attitude and ready smile, and people will be asking if you need a wingman. Which you don't, of course, since you're the best.


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