Fox Outdoor Products Testimonial - Danny Fox


I met Bill Bradley over 20 years at the old MWOS Show, a defunct trade show which was staged at the now defunct Penta Hotel in New York City. He walked through the exhibit, uncharacteristically for an Army-Navy Show clad in a suit and tie, and introduced himself to the exhibitors that were at the show. I spent some time with him and was extremely impressed with his enthusiasm and his vigor. He was just in the process of opening his business and had come to this show to meet some of the suppliers in the trade. Young and inexperienced, he was full of ideas and eager to get started as a merchant in our trade!!

Here it is 20 years later, and Bill has achieved a level of success and accomplishment which I am sure is well beyond what he had imagined when we first met at the Penta Hotel.

Fox Outdoor has supplied Bradley’s with an array of product from the beginning.. Our relationship has been extremely amiable and successful and has grown over the years as Bill has expanded and built his company. Bill and his staff handle themselves with a level of professionalism that is extraordinary. They are financially responsible and enjoy an excellent reputation in the market place. They are a sheer delight and we consider them not only customers, but good friends!

It is our hope and intent to continue supplying Bradley’s in the future years. We wish them success with their new web site, and in all of their forthcoming endeavors.

Danny Fox
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