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'Special Ops' Costume

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Worst job ever, I tells ya. Here I am, guarding this oil rig or whatever it is, and sixteen guys dressed in black pajamas carrying guns just appear out of the blue and started shooting each other! The heck am I supposed to do about that?

Worst part is, they always come back! Like that guy there, just got one between the eyes. Or that one there, what's he doing going up to the body and squatting down HEY YOU STOP THAT THIS INSTANT, GO ON, SHOO.

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Special Ops "Call of Duty" Costume package includes the following items (click item numbers if you wish to purchase items separately):

One Black Polyester SWAT Belt - #4249
One Rothco Black Combat Shirt - #90010
One Pair of Black Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues - #2986
One Black Polypropylene Balaclava - #5510


One Black Ultra Force Tactical Holster - #10550
One Pair of Ultra Force SWAT Knee Pads - #11058
One Pair of Ultra Force SWAT Elbow Pads - #11057
One Pair of GI Type Goggles, Black - #10347 +11.95
One Subdued US Flag Patch - #17781
Stretch Fabric Full Facemask - Bulldog Print - #2217
Stretch Fabric Woodland Digital Mask - #2212
Gray Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf - #8537
Ultra Force Recon Vest, Black - #6484


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