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Rambo Costume

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Halloween Costume - Rambo

Costume package includes the following items (click item numbers if you wish to purchase items separately):

One set of standard dog tags - #BSC-001
One Black Tank Top - #6602
One pair of Olive Drab Vintage Fatigue Trousers - #2786
One Red Trainman Bandana - #4349
One Camouflage Compact - #8206

OPTIONAL - One pair of Rothco Black Jungle Boots - #5081

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If you're on this page, then chances are you’re pretty interested in a Rambo costume. Think that’s all we can help with? Think again. For a limited time only, we’ll give you a free lesson in the Stallonian language. Now, repeat after me:

“My, this is lovely weather we’re having.”
“Mah, iss is uvery weaer weer aving”
“Excuse me, I’m trying to sleep, do you mind lowering the volume a bit?”
“I see you have a flat tire. Mind if I lend a hand?”

Wow, is that Sly himself? Nah, it’s just you. But you fooled me for a minute there.


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