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Financial Tips for Soldiers

Part IV

Financial Tips for Soliders

 In my past articles I have advocated that soldiers should start a savings plan that focuses on index funds, and they should work towards a long range goal of purchasing rental properties.  I’m sure many people may think this sounds too simple to be true, and in some respects they’re right.  To reach your long term goals you will need a well-defined strategy.  Allow me to elaborate on this subject.

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Industry Expert Thoughts


John, Bradley’s is striving to give our audience inside information about the military retail industry.  We want to help our readers become informed customers.  Before we begin discussing issues surrounding our industry, please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is John Ottaviano, and I’m the Director of Sales & Marketing at Rothco.  I’ve been at Rothco for 25 years as of last month, supplying retailers around the globe with military and outdoor clothing and accessories.  Previous to working at Rothco, I spent a number of years as a district manager for a regional discount chain, so I know retail by both sides of the fence, and I have a pretty good understanding of the challenges today’s retailers face.

What are the biggest changes you have witnessed in the military retail industry?  Tell me about the opportunities that exist in the military retail industry.

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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation states that one of the things that motorcyclists enjoy most is the freedom of riding in the open air.  Everyone who has ever done so would agree: there is absolutely nothing like it. 


However, there are several possible drawbacks to riding in the open air whether on a motorcycle, four wheeler, snowboard  or skis. 

Hot or cold weather, raining, insect, debris or dust pelting you in the face can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable.  Personally, when I am driving a four wheeler, I hate the amount of dust blowing in my face. 

One piece of clothing that was developed to help protect the face from all of the above is the Neoprene Face Masks.

Some important benefits include:

Great protection while riding motorcycles, four wheelers, etc

Covering your face and ears during cold weather

Water resistant qualities help keep you dry in wet weather/rain

The fact that the materials are stretchy and they use velcro fastening helps secure the mask to your face tightly.

The vent holes in the face mask enables you to breathe easily

The Neoprene material is thin enough to be comfortable, but thick enough to help prevent surface injuries

In order to help keep our riders safe, Bradleys stocks a wide variety of full and half face neoprene face masks.  Not only are they functional, but they're unique and fun as well.  Some of our most popular styles that we have to offer include various colors of skulls (including glow in the dark!), evil clown, vampire, crash test dummy and many, many more.

Visit our Facebook page or go to Youtube to see our video on our full face and half face masks HERE

You may browse our full selection or order these on line at our Web Store by clicking HERE or call 1-800-503-4954 to order or inquire about these or any of the other items we carry.

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Insider's Secrets  

About Military Surplus



                In the real estate industry many people promote the message; "Location, location, location!"  In the military surplus industry we focus on; "Condition, condition, condition." This a repetitive phrase that reinforces the message that condition is of the utmost importance for YOU as a customer.  The most educated customers will always want to buy the best quality surplus products that are reasonably priced.  To help you achieve this objective, I am prepared to provide you with my 22 years of military retailing experience and other insider's secrets.

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What's going on in the store this week? Are there any deals? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Most of these answers within, and more!

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If you’ve been with us over the years, then you know we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with our business. In the past four years, we’ve been through two different design changes. The first was a huge step forward from our beginning attempt at web commerce, intro...

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anme logoJim Sweet, our store manager, went to the ANME (Army Navy Military Expo) in Las Vegas this past week, and wants to talk about the benefits of going to expos.

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Bradley’s is set to mark their 20th Anniversary with a special Civilian and Military Open House at its retail store at 26444 US Route 11, Evans Mills, NY on Saturday, September 22nd from 11am-4pm.

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