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Tips on Carbon Lined Hunting Clothing



             When I served as a soldier in the US Army we were taught how to protect ourselves from Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons.  Today this is more commonly known as NBC training by the average soldier.  The main thing soldiers are required to do is to insulate their bodies using charcoal lined clothing, gas masks and rubber gloves and boots. We were taught charcoal lined clothing would seal or protect us from harmful gases. 


             Since NBC clothing can seal off harmful gases, it didn’t take long for people to realize that it would also reduce body odor from escaping into the air.  Eventually people realized that the principles of insulating our bodies from harmful NBC agents could also reduce our own body’s scents from animals.  In other words, if charcoal can keep gases out then why can’t it also keep gases in?  This mindset gave birth to carbon lined hunting clothing that achieved scent locked objectives.  Hunters realized charcoal lined clothing could lock in their body odor.

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Helmets at CIF

Be prepared to clear CIF with this helpful advice on cleaning your gear and keeping it in excellent shape.

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