Where were you when the lights went out?  I was getting my solar powered/ windup  flashlight with radio.  Personally I am afraid of the dark and can’t stand not knowing what’s going on when my electricity leaves me in the lurch.  In the past I've reached for my radio and flashlight only to find that the same thing always happens: My batteries are dead and I can't find any extra ones to save my life. That's the beauty of solar powered emergency equipment though.  The solar energy from the sun provides you with a reliable resource even in the most unreliable situations. 


         These unreliable situations can create several detriments in the form of fear and anxieties.  When you are panicing or feeling anxious you are more likely to make poor decisions that may make the situation even worse. Not being able to hear the news and know what's going on and how the emergency response teams are handling the situation can cause a paralyzing response to the situation and potentially risk your safety.


           In addition to having a flashlight and radio handy, one should have a cell phone nearby in order to call for help.  Another important thing to consider is how you would charge your cell phone without any electricty.  A phone can often times mean the difference between life and death.  Being able to make an emergency call can be essential to your survival.

           These items even have many benefits outside of emergency situation.  They are portable, great for camping, and recharge quickly.  Many can also be hand cranked or charged through your laptop or PC.

           Solar powered gadgets are not only for natural disasters but make great items for survivalists, adverntures, hikers, scouting, camping.  Items like the solar speakers are perfect for any outdoor activities. 


          Bradley's has just the right equipment/gadgets to assist you in overcoming the obstacles that come with power outages, storms, natural disasters and more.  Our solar power/windup flashlight with radio is only one of the products that we offer.  We also offer a solar powered cell phone charger as well as variety of other important solar powered equipment.  See our YouTube video HERE on facebook to view some of our solar powered products.   You may purchase these at our web site HERE or call us at 1 (800) 503-4954.


         For more information on solar power for emergencies visit http://www.all-things-emergency-prepared.com/advantages-of-solar-power.htm


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