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Insider’s Tips on Clearing CIF

Part III

In this article I will discuss how to read and understand your clothing records.  I will confess up front that this aspect of clearing CIF is not my strongest attribute.  I have more knowledge about military gear, CIF’s standards and tips on cleaning equipment.  Over the years I have muddled through the process of helping my customers read their clothing records.  By reading equipment descriptions, asking my customers questions and comparing NSN numbers, I have been able to guide people in the right direction.  In some respects I have figured out clothing record information through a process of elimination.  If you want expert information in this area you can find it in official military sources such as “Common Table of Allowances 50-900.”  The information in this source is extensive, but it’s also time consuming to read.  For most soldiers, the information you can find at NCO Support.Com will be more useful.  Although I’m far from being an expert on this matter, I’ll provide you with some succinct tips.  Hopefully, this information will make it easier for you to understand your clothing record.

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Insider’s Tips on Clearing CIF

Part II


In my last article I gave many proactive tips about clearing CIF.  In this article I will shed light on CIF’s standards.  Knowing these standards will increase your chances to clear CIF on your first attempt.  Here is some of the basic concepts to keep in mind:

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The information you’re about to read is one of 4 articles on clearing CIF:  The future articles I will write will address the following issues:  1.) CIF standards 2.)  How to read your clothing records.  3.)  I will also provide you tips on cleaning your TA-50.  The information below is intended to make you more prepared for the day when you will need to clear CIF.

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Industry Expert Thoughts


John, Bradley’s is striving to give our audience inside information about the military retail industry.  We want to help our readers become informed customers.  Before we begin discussing issues surrounding our industry, please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is John Ottaviano, and I’m the Director of Sales & Marketing at Rothco.  I’ve been at Rothco for 25 years as of last month, supplying retailers around the globe with military and outdoor clothing and accessories.  Previous to working at Rothco, I spent a number of years as a district manager for a regional discount chain, so I know retail by both sides of the fence, and I have a pretty good understanding of the challenges today’s retailers face.

What are the biggest changes you have witnessed in the military retail industry?  Tell me about the opportunities that exist in the military retail industry.

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Becoming knowledgeable about the military retail industry isn’t overly difficult, it only requires being exposed to the right sources of information and building your level of experience.

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          Where were you when the lights went out?  I was getting my solar powered/ windup  flashlight with radio.  Personally I am afraid of the dark and can’t stand not knowing what’s going on when my electricity leaves me in the lurch.  In the past I've reached for my radio and flashlight only to find that the same thing always happens: My batteries are dead and I can't find any extra ones to save my life. That's the beauty of solar powered emergency equipment though.  The solar energy from the sun provides you with a reliable resource even in the most unreliable situations. 


         These unreliable situations can create several detriments in the form of fear and anxieties.  When you are panicing or feeling anxious you are more likely to make poor decisions that may make the situation even worse. Not being able to hear the news and know what's going on and how the emergency response teams are handling the situation can cause a paralyzing response to the situation and potentially risk your safety.


           In addition to having a flashlight and radio handy, one should have a cell phone nearby in order to call for help.  Another important thing to consider is how you would charge your cell phone without any electricty.  A phone can often times mean the difference between life and death.  Being able to make an emergency call can be essential to your survival.

           These items even have many benefits outside of emergency situation.  They are portable, great for camping, and recharge quickly.  Many can also be hand cranked or charged through your laptop or PC.

           Solar powered gadgets are not only for natural disasters but make great items for survivalists, adverntures, hikers, scouting, camping.  Items like the solar speakers are perfect for any outdoor activities. 


          Bradley's has just the right equipment/gadgets to assist you in overcoming the obstacles that come with power outages, storms, natural disasters and more.  Our solar power/windup flashlight with radio is only one of the products that we offer.  We also offer a solar powered cell phone charger as well as variety of other important solar powered equipment.  See our YouTube video HERE on facebook to view some of our solar powered products.   You may purchase these at our web site HERE or call us at 1 (800) 503-4954.


         For more information on solar power for emergencies visit


         Befriend us on facebook and sign up for our email newsletter now and we will send u a P38 a military small hand held operated can opener.  It was used in the past to open C-rations when soldiers were in the field.

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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation states that one of the things that motorcyclists enjoy most is the freedom of riding in the open air.  Everyone who has ever done so would agree: there is absolutely nothing like it. 


However, there are several possible drawbacks to riding in the open air whether on a motorcycle, four wheeler, snowboard  or skis. 

Hot or cold weather, raining, insect, debris or dust pelting you in the face can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable.  Personally, when I am driving a four wheeler, I hate the amount of dust blowing in my face. 

One piece of clothing that was developed to help protect the face from all of the above is the Neoprene Face Masks.

Some important benefits include:

Great protection while riding motorcycles, four wheelers, etc

Covering your face and ears during cold weather

Water resistant qualities help keep you dry in wet weather/rain

The fact that the materials are stretchy and they use velcro fastening helps secure the mask to your face tightly.

The vent holes in the face mask enables you to breathe easily

The Neoprene material is thin enough to be comfortable, but thick enough to help prevent surface injuries

In order to help keep our riders safe, Bradleys stocks a wide variety of full and half face neoprene face masks.  Not only are they functional, but they're unique and fun as well.  Some of our most popular styles that we have to offer include various colors of skulls (including glow in the dark!), evil clown, vampire, crash test dummy and many, many more.

Visit our Facebook page or go to Youtube to see our video on our full face and half face masks HERE

You may browse our full selection or order these on line at our Web Store by clicking HERE or call 1-800-503-4954 to order or inquire about these or any of the other items we carry.

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Insider's Secrets  

About Military Surplus



                In the real estate industry many people promote the message; "Location, location, location!"  In the military surplus industry we focus on; "Condition, condition, condition." This a repetitive phrase that reinforces the message that condition is of the utmost importance for YOU as a customer.  The most educated customers will always want to buy the best quality surplus products that are reasonably priced.  To help you achieve this objective, I am prepared to provide you with my 22 years of military retailing experience and other insider's secrets.

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          If a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm or any catastrophe occurs, there is a possibility that you might not have access to food and water for several days if not more. It is important to take time now to stockpile emergency food and water supplies for your entire family.

          According to FEMA you should maintain a food supply that will last for at least two weeks.

          Typical emergency food and water items are meant to last for months or even years. Some products even have a shelf life of over 25 years. The rations can come in the form of meals ready to eat (MREs), dried foods such as powdered soup, egg and milk products, as well as freeze dried products.

          Many people purchases these items for adventure minded individuals such as campers, back pack campers, mountain climbers, and hikers. Preppers and Survivalists are also the main purchasers of these items.

          For more information on these potentially life saving products, visit our YouTube video on Emergency Food items HERE and friend us on Facebook to receive additional information. You may purchase these types of emergency food items online at our Web Page at or call 1(800) 503 4954.

          Families may even keep smaller food items such as food rations bars, granola bars, candy bars etc in their car emergency kit. See our YouTube video and blog on Emergency Kits HERE.

          The FEMA and Red Cross booklet is an excellent source of further information on emergency rations and water supply. Bradley’s is committed to help individuals in case on natural disasters, adventurers, preppers and survivalists by being a source of information with our blogs and YouTube videos and by providing a source to purchase these items from a company that focuses on excellent customer service.

         For further information on this subject, FEMA and Red Cross has published a 16 page booklet on Food and Water in Emergency. The link to that booklet is

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  • Signal
  • Neck Gaiter/Sweatband
  • Torniquet
  • Sling
  • Rope (in strips or as is)
  • Washcloth/Towel
  • Waist Pack/pouch
  • Cleaning/Bullet Patches
  • Mark for a trail
  • Napkin/Dish rag
  • Pre-water Filter
  • Knee Pads
  • Glass/Gun Cleaner
  • Ear Muffs
  • Dust Mask
  • And much, much more!

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