"In order to meet our objectives and our customer's expectations, Bradley's Military has decided to employ the 'keep it simple' philosophy when it comes to our guarantee. The following guarantee clearly demonstrates that Bradley's Military places a premium on customer satisfaction. Bradley's truely wishes to earn your business!"

Bill McKinney
Bradley's Military President

Bradley's Military Staff

"We Welcome the Opportunity to Earn Your Business"


Dear Bradley's Customer,

Bradley's is dedicated to quality service. Providing care to our customers is Bradley's main objective. To accomplish this goal I feel it is important to clarify what you can expect from our organization.

Used products offer customers significant savings however, surplus sources tend to pop up quickly and then fade away. Bradley's does a great job at locating these surplus opportunities, but it's not uncommon for USED ITEMS to be out of stock or require shipping delays of 2 weeks or longer. This is especially true for used clothing items in sizes large or above. We wish we could say we have every advertised item in stock at all times but that would be misleading. Requests for some used items may cause shipping delays.That is simply a part of the nature of the surplus industry but keep in mind that you can avoid these delays by purchasing new products.

The good news is that Bradley's is dedicated to serving you. We will contact you if an item is out of stock or if we anticipate any shipping delays. Furthermore we will provide you with the following guarantees.

  1. 1) We provide a 30 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products and services.
  2. 2) Bradley's honors any manufacturer's extended warrantees.
  3. 3) Bradley's guarantees all of its services will meet the standards set forth in AR 670-1.
  4. 4) Bradley's will meet quoted deadlines or you will be offered an "at cost" discount.
  5. 5) Bradley's charges no handling fees, we strictly charge UPS or USPS shipping rates.
  6. 6) Orders over $200.00 will receive free shipping within the continental United States. Those outside the US will receive a 10% discount.
  7. 7) Bradley's does not share or sell any customer information.

  8. In summary, if you can't find what you are looking for or if you wish to know when you can expect to receive an order please speak with one of our friendly sales reps. I wish to thank you for giving Bradley's the opportunity to EARN your business!


    William G. McKinney
    Bradley's Military Enterprises