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Dry Pack Cannery Dried Food

Dry Pack Cannery has been the number one choice for dehydrated food since 1984. Packaged daily in our state-of-the-art canning facility, Dry Pack Cannery uses the freshest, highest quality food available. Our canned food variety is ideal for your emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation and long-term food storage needs. Whether you’re buying for today or storing for tomorrow, you can rest assured and feel safe knowing that our decades of preparedness experience will provide you with superior quality food at the most affordable price. Air dehydration is a method of food preservation whereby the majority of the moisture is removed from the food, eliminating the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. In addition, an oxygen absorber is added to insure freshness by irreversibly absorbing oxygen to less than 0.01%. Some of Air Dried Food’s many advantages include its low cost, great taste and nutritional value. Also, the fact that it’s conveniently lightweight and easy to prepare make Air Dried Food by far the most economical long term, storable food available. Will store 5+ years in a cool dry place. All foods stored in #10 cans and sealed for freshness 6 cans per case 3-Month, 6-Month & 1-Year supply cases are available.

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    Hot Cocoa Mix



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  2. Peanut Butter Powder

    Peanut Butter Powder



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  3. Regular Non-Fat Milk

    Regular Non-Fat Milk



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  4. Green Beans

    Green Beans



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  5. Beef Soup Base

    Beef Soup Base



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  6. Celery Slices

    Celery Slices



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  7. Cheese Blend

    Cheese Blend



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  8. Chocolate Pudding

    Chocolate Pudding



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  9. Granola




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