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Dexter Costume

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Dexter Costume

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Here's what comes in this costume package:

One Olive Green Button Shirt, #6368

One Pair Olive Drab Fatigue Pants, #2788

One pair Police Gloves, #3450

One Neck ID Badge Holder, #1250

(OPTIONAL) One Pair Black Jungle Boots, #5081



1. The original title for the show was "Super Normal Kill Guy." Not sure why they didn't go with it.

2. The prop used in the "stabbings" is actually a spoon.

3. If you can't see his legs in a given shot, he's probably not wearing pants.

4. There IS no number four.

5. The statement below is true.

6. The statement above is false.

7. You're guaranteed to look like a lady-killer in this costume. Get it? Get it? Eh?

Buy the costume. Be the knife. Feel the flow.

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