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  1. Blood Type Tape - Multicam

    Blood Type Tape - Multicam


    Blood Type Tape - Multicam Learn More
  2. Gortex Nametape - Multicam

    Gortex Nametape - Multicam


    Gortex Nametape - Multicam Learn More
  3. 'Special Ops' Costume

    'Special Ops' Costume


    Worst job ever, I tells ya. Here I am, guarding this oil rig or whatever it is, and sixteen guys dressed in black pajamas carrying guns just appear out of the blue and started shooting each other! The heck am I supposed to do about that?

    Worst part is, they always come back! Like that guy there, just got one between the eyes. Or that one there, what's he doing going up to the body and squatting down HEY YOU STOP THAT THIS INSTANT, GO ON, SHOO. Learn More
  4. 10th Mountain Patch w/Tab - Velcro

    10th Mountain Patch w/Tab - Velcro


    10th Mountain Unit Patch - Velcro
    Includes Mountain Tab -may or may not be sewn together
    Foliage green - usable with the ACU uniform and MCU in some units. Learn More
  5. Ghostbusters Costume

    Ghostbusters Costume


    Ghostbusters Halloween Costume - Boots optional. No proton pack though, so good luck with that.


    1 - Khaki Flight Suit - #7508
    1 - White Military Style Pistol Belt (42") - #4226
    1 - #BSC-VBL-R - Custom Velcro Nametapes - Black w/Red Thread
    1 pair - #5081 - Rothco Black Jungle Boots
    (Optional, not required) FREE - 2 x Sublimated Logo Patches - only with package purchase! NEW - Optional sewing service for patches - PLEASE ALLOW FOR 2-3 BUSINESS DAY WAIT IF YOU SELECT THIS OPTION.

    Please note: This is an unofficial costume kit.

    Learn More
  6. Kids 'Little Commando' Costume
  7. New York State Flag Patch

    New York State Flag Patch


    NY State Flag Patch Learn More
  8. New York State Flag Patch w/Velcro

    New York State Flag Patch w/Velcro


    New York State Flag Patch with Velcro Learn More
  9. Police Costume Kit

    Police Costume Kit


    Do you know how fast you were going? I do. Heck no, I'm not going to tell you! I'll give you a hint: I'm thinking of a number between 87 and 89. Come on, this one's easy...

    68? Well, that is how much I paid for this getup, yeah. But you were going MUCH faster than that. I'll put it this way: see those tire tracks? They were on fire a few minutes ago.

    Oh, you were running from Libyans? Likely story. Next thing you know, some mad scientist will come from the future to tell me to rip this ticket up.

    No, I will not turn around to look at that light. Sure, it's your scientist friend in a flying car! I bet Elvis is driving, too! You really want me to use these cuffs, don't ya, punk?

    All right, smart aleck, you're coming with me. You have to get to the future? I know just the place. You travel forward through time at the rate of one second per second, thanks to this fancy white jacket they put on you, with REALLY long sleeves. You'll love it there!

    Learn More
  10. Rambo Costume

    Rambo Costume


    Halloween Costume - Rambo

    Costume package includes the following items (click item numbers if you wish to purchase items separately):

    One set of standard dog tags - #BSC-001
    One Black Tank Top - #6602
    One pair of Olive Drab Vintage Fatigue Trousers - #2786
    One Red Trainman Bandana - #4349
    One Camouflage Compact - #8206

    OPTIONAL - One pair of Rothco Black Jungle Boots - #5081

    Learn More