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About Us

Bradley's Military was established in 1992 by William G. McKinney in Watertown, New York.

Bradley's goal was to become a "One Stop Soldier Shop".

Initially Bradley's specialized in used military uniforms & equipment.
Our original services included:
Dry cleaning
Boot shining
Boot repair

By 1994 Bradley's expanded its product line to include:

  • new military items
  • military rank
  • patches
  • medals
  • name tags
  • Class-A name plates
  • embroidering

1995 witnessed the opening of a second store in Massena, New York. We also began attending gun shows and outdoorsman shows throughout the Northeastern United States.

In 1997 Bradley's relocated to our current location in Evans Mills, New York.

This was an ideal location due to the proximity to Ft. Drum's main gate.


1998 - 1999 marked the apex of Bradley's road show operations. Outdoorsman shows and gun shows led to shows at small military installations.

Camp Smith New York and the Marine Reserve installation at Manchester & Londonderry New Hampshire were two installations where we attended shows.

During this time frame Bradley's was conducting 42 shows annually.


In 2000 that we purchased our current store, this purchase tripled our sales floor.

During this time our gun show operations began to evolve into mail order operations.

Despite the fact that Bradley's had an impressive inventory selection in 2001 our 15,000 square foot store felt empty.

Therefore, Bradley's store at Massena New York was closed and all the products and merchandise displays were centralized into our main store outside of Ft. Drum New York.

2001 marked the first year that Bradley's broke the $1,000,000.00 sales mark.


In 2002 Bradley's began to refine its mail order operations and introduced its first website.

We began advertising in the "Shotgun News" & "Gun List Magazine" regularly, and we produced our first "real" catalog.

By 2003 Bradley's business was booming, our gross sales doubled to $2,000,000.00.

We began focusing on improving and expanding our facility, leading to the introduction of Bradley's trophy shop operations.


2004 - 2005 were the very lucrative years for Bradley's service center. A combination of events created huge demand for Bradley's embroidered nametags and sewing services.

Bradley's sales sky rocketed to $3,000,000.00 in 2005 and our work force expanded to 60 employees.

In 2006 Bradley's store sales substantially fell due to large scale deployments to the Middle East. This forced Bradley's to recognize that it had to diversify its business operations and reduce sales volatility.


Since 2006 Bradley's has placed a premium on its mail order operations. We began advertising in "AUSA Magazine" and the "Army Times."

We obtained a Dunn's Number and a Cage Code to conduct business directly with the Department of Defense.


In 2008 Bradley's expanded again by creating two new divisions, Bradley's Promotion Shop and Bradley's Uniform Prep.

Bradley's Promotion Shop uses cutting edge technology, known as "sublimation", to transfer pictures, text, and images onto a variety of products.

Our new sublimation service compliments our laser engraving services offered by Bradley's Trophy Shop.


Bradley's Uniform Prep Shop offers services including:

  • dress uniform setup
  • custom made flat ribbon racks
  • dog tags
  • engraved name plates

Dress Uniform setup and Custom ribon racks have proven to be very popular with the soldiers of Ft. Drum.


In the 16 year history of Bradley's, no division has grown as quickly or has been appreciated as much as the Uniform Prep Shop. The introduction of these new divisions and services has made 2008 a great year.


Since 2007 Bradley's has placed a high emphasis on its mail order operations. In 2009 Bradley's took this focus to a higher level, building our current webpage in October of this year. We expanded our product line on Bradley's eBay store, and we beefed up our search engine optimization & online marketing campaigns. This improved web page and e-commerce marketing is continuing into 2010. So far we are excited with the results of our efforts, and our customer's positive feedback suggests you appreciate our new direction.


After reading "E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber, Bradley's Management staff decided to dedicate a proportion of our attention to our internal business systems. From 2007 through 2009 all of our efforts focused on improving our web page, eBay store, and mail order operations. In 2010, we balanced our efforts by clarifying our goals, objectives, mission statement, and much more. We improved our operation and training manuals. We formed daily check lists for managers and employees, and we created more standard operating procedures. All of these issues are designed to make our staff more efficient & effective. Many of the improvements that are being implemented in the second quarter of this year are not overly visible, but they will create a well oiled business machine that will serve our customer better.

Another important project that Bradley's leadership is currently researching is a robust point of sales system. This computer driven inventory system will link our store's registers, sales floor product lines, and our web page in real time. We anticipate finishing our research and implementing this new inventory system no later than 1st quarter of 2011. Once again, these measures are designed to provide better customer service by providing accurate inventory levels in real time.


2011 will go down as one of the most Bradley's most productive and most financially rewarding years up to date.  Here are some of the reasons for Bradley's success in 2011:

  • Within the last 2 years Bradley's has put together its finest management team.
  • On March 2011, Bradley's president stepped down from daily operations and placed his management staff in charge of these events.
  • Bradley's also recruited and trained its best mail order team.  This new mail order team is very creative and innovative in nature.  They possess excellent human skills, and they are very goal oriented.
  • The mail order office created 2 new catalogs and several videos for our webpage.  Our primary mail order catalog was made with military enthusiasts in mind, and the other catalog was made for Army ROTC programs. 
  • Bradley's promotion shop created a new brochure, catalog and an information based webpage.  You can review this webpage or order a promotional catalog at
  • Our promotion shop built a new traveling display and began attending local shows throughout Northern New York last spring. 
  • Our promotion shop also purchased a vinyl decal press.  With this new technology Bradley's can now offer custom made decals and banners to its customers.
  • Bradley's management restructured our store and created exciting new merchandise displays. 
  • We gave the outside of our store a new coat of paint.
  • We brought in a nice sound system and other forms of entertainment.
  • Bradley's management staff also introduced some nice new products in 2011.
  • The employees in the service center placed a higher emphasis on training last year, and we expanded the number of employees that have master seamstress skills.
  • Bradley's prep shop also performed more cross training.  This has resulted in higher productivity and better sales.
  • Towards the end of 2011, Bradley's management staff began to research the feasibility of introducing a new webpage platform.  This upgrade will be fully implemented by the summer of 2012.  The typical customer will not notice many major changes to the front end of our site, since the big improvements will occur on the backend.  In short, this new webpage platform will empower our mail order staff with better technology and improve our customer service.  We will be able to do much more using less time and effort.

These improvements and many others has laid the foundation for record braking sales in 2011.  We broke webpage, E-Bay, service center, prep shop and retail sales records.  We also broke our combined organization sales records by an impressive amount.  This was all possible due to superior customer service which is a byproduct of outstanding human resources.  At Bradley's we realize that bricks, mortar, equipment and computers will not make our organization great.  What makes an organization great is talented people who sincerely care about customer service and seeks to find creative and innovative ways to apply their skills.  Over the years, Bradley's has been able to steadily improve its recruiting, training and retention thus expanding the number of people that possesses the attributes we desire.  This explains why Bradley's is still learning and growing after 20 years of operations.  Bradley's is a tight knit team, and our people are what makes our organization one of the best military retailing operations in the country.

In summary, I wish to thank you for visiting our web page and giving our organization the opportunity to earn your business. Today Bradley's has achieved its objective of becoming a one stop soldier shop. We have one of the widest selections of genuine issued military equipment in the country.

More importantly, Bradley's stands behind its products and services by offering a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on any product or service we offer.

At Bradley's we don't merely focus on making a one-time sale. Our primary goal is establishing a long lasting "win-win" business relationship.

Once again, thank you for giving Bradley's the opportunity to earn your business!


Bradley's Logo Team