Operation Pine Plains BRADLEY’S MILITARY IS SPONSORING OPERATION PINE PLAINS V THE PREMIER MIL-SIM EVENT IN THE NORTH EAST Contact: Bradley’s Military Telephone: 1-800-503-4954 Email: service@bradleysurplus.com In anticipation of New York’s Premiere Airsoft Event Operation Pine Plains V, Sponsor of Operation Pine Plains I, II, III, and IV, Bradley’s Military, is offering a Discount on their website as well as their store from 4/1/11 to 6/17/11 for Operation Pine Plains Participants. This will be the fifth installment of what has become one of the most revered Military Simulation Airsoft Events in the country! The Operation Pine Plains website www.oppineplains.com is the #1 source for OPP V information and news.
-Quoted from the Op Pine Plains Website, "Experience has proven that squads who organize and train prior to this event are successful. Ad-hoc squads rarely succeed at this event. Operation Pine Plains is the marathon event in the airsoft world. I personally would not run a marathon without some serious preparation. You should have the same attitude towards Operation Pine Plains. This event is not for the weak in mind, body or spirit. It will push you to your limits and beyond. As the players have increased their tactical proficiency, you challenge me to make this event more challenging. I hope you agree that the event has grown with you. OPPV is focused on squads. Squad registration. Squad tactics. Squad logistics. Squad stamina. The winner of OPP is determined during the early hours of Sunday morning - when most squads seek rest - others fight to control the city. Will your squad be the one sleeping? Will your squad be the one fighting? OPP is not about brute force or even how many kills you get. OPP is about water, ammunition (batteries and BBs), food, weapons, casualty management, work/rest cycles, communication, tactical proficiency and much more. Squad leaders win or lose this battle for the company!"
Please help BlackSheep Mil-Sim Productions LLC and Bradley’s Military make the Operation Pine Plains series the best Mil-Sim events in the North East. For any direct questions about OPP IV please refer to the Pine Plains website or use the contact us form located here, www.oppineplains.com/opp5. If you need to contact Bradley’s Military and have any questions about ordering products for Operation Pine Plains feel free to call us at 1-800-503-4954 or email us at service@bradleyssurplus.com.