WINDSHIRT “Very Unique”

Bradley's Military President - William McKinney By: William McKinney President, Bradley’s Military Enterprises

New Technology:

The army issued wind jacket is a very unique clothing item that doesn’t compare to any other product the military has used in the past. You can compare the Generation III silk weight items against the “old school” sleeping shirt. You can compare the level II grid fleece shirts & trousers against the previous military issued thermal underwear. You can also compare the level VI Gore-Tex system against various wet weather garments, but what can you compare a wind shirt against? As far as I’m aware there is no comparison. The wind Jacket is the first of its kind. The wind jacket is loose, airy and very comfortable. Personally, I wouldn’t describe it as a wind breaker because it looks more like a shirt. This explains why it is commonly called the “wind shirt” by soldiers. When I think of the Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System or ECWCS, I tend to think of extreme cold weather clothing items, but the wind jacket is an odd fit in this package. When I visualize myself using this product I can see me wearing it on a blistering hot day at Ft. Hood Texas or Ft. Sill Oklahoma. It would be ideal in a hot dry setting where the winds were flowing across the plains. Other than an additional layer of clothing, I don’t know how this product fits into a cold weather clothing system. Since I’m somewhat confused by this product I will provide the following information that I found on an official web site: “The GEN III Wind Jacket is designed to act as a low volume shell layer that optimizes the moisture wicking properties of other GEN III insulating and next-to-skin levels. It is also designed to be worn under body armor.”

G.I. Generation III Level IV Wind Shirt:

Purchase Windshirt Here - $49.95 G.I. Generation III Level IV Wind Shirt

• Constructed with MILLIKEN® nylon spandex material with a water resistant finish • Optimizes moisture wicking properties of other GEN III layers • Designed for wear under body armor and with the ACU • Increased wind and sand protection • Extreme low weight and bulk • Angled chest pockets with mesh lining for ventilation • Velcro closure sleeve pockets • Elasticized cuffs • Velcro fasteners for rank and name plates • Color: Universal Camouflage

Why you should have one:

Since my days as a soldier are long behind me, I tend to look at the wind jacket for use in many civilian applications.  I often wear it camping during the summer or when I’m chopping wood at my friend’s hunting camp in early fall.  Its loose airy feel is ideal when I’m overly active.  It helps me stay cool and dry, and I simply love the way it feels.  Comprised of 100% nylon and made by prestigious companies such as Patagonia, it is obvious this product is well constructed and built to last.  Once again, I use this product as a shirt rather than a jacket. When the wind jacket was first introduced it was one of my better selling items.  This is especially true for Bradley’s mail order operations.  Over the years it has produced excellent customer feedback, and I have recommended it to many customers including soldiers and survivalists.  Today demand for the wind shirt has declined, and I don’t know why.  It is a good product with reasonable price.  For the most part, Bradley’s sells wind jackets to soldiers that lost the item and need to clear the Central Issuing Facility or CIF.  I don’t sell many wind shirts to civilians these days.  Perhaps it has lost its new exciting image, but I wouldn’t read into this statement.  The wind jacket is an outstanding piece of military clothing, and there are many practical applications for it in civilian settings. Overall, I would rate the wind jacket highly.  I wish I was able to use it during my years in the Army, and I would recommend it to any soldier.  Its loose light fit is very comfortable, and it is money well spent.  If you are an elite soldier or rugged survivalist I encourage you to try this product.  I’m confident you will like it. For more information about the wind shirt or any other ECWCS Generation III items visit:​programs/gen-iii-ecwcs

G.I. Generation III Level IV Wind Shirt:

Purchase Windshirt Here - $49.95 G.I. Generation III Level IV Wind Shirt
Sincerely; William G. McKinney Bradley’s Military Enterprises President