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Since 1950, ATLANCO® has been one of the leading suppliers of personal equipment, material and uniforms to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets. Under the continued leadership of the Zaglin family, the founders of the company, ATLANCO® has grown from a regional, Atlanta-based distributor of military surplus items, originally known as Atlanta Army Navy Supply Company. Eventually, the company has achieved its current status as a dynamic, pioneering market leader in the design and production of a wide variety of quality manufactured goods. To the many thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel who use and depend on our products daily, the names ATLANCO® and TRU-SPEC®; have become synonymous with quality, innovation and service.

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  1. ACU Patrol Cap

    ACU Patrol Cap


    ACU Patrol Cap Learn More
  2. Sniper Training Manual
  3. Pineapple Grenades - Inert

    Pineapple Grenades - Inert


    Inert Pineapple Grenades Learn More
  4. Map Reading & Land Navigation Manual

    Map Reading & Land Navigation Manual


    Map Reading & Land Navigation Manual Learn More
  5. Lemon Grenades - Inert

    Lemon Grenades - Inert


    Inert Lemon Grenades Learn More
  6. Matchbox, GI Spec

    Matchbox, GI Spec


    Matchbox, GI Spec Learn More
  7. Canteen Cups

    Canteen Cups


  8. Multicam Patrol Caps

    Multicam Patrol Caps


    * Meets US Military Specs
    * 2-Ply 50/50 Nylon Cotton Rip-Stop Construction
    * Includes Map Pocket and Hook & Loop Name Tape On Back Panel
    * Imported

    Learn More
  9. Military Boonie Caps - Multicam

    Military Boonie Caps - Multicam


    60/40 Cotton/Poly Twill
    This 60% cotton / 40% polyester, heavy weight cloth is also a very sturdy and long-life performer in the Public Safety community. Manufactured in a twill weave, this cloth promoted good color integrity and easy care.

    50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop
    The military fabric approved throughout the Army is the 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop. This fabric is resistant to shrinking and is vat-dyed to ensure a minimal amount of fading over the life of the garment. Learn More
  10. ACH Helmet Cover

    ACH Helmet Cover


    Non-army issue ACH Helmet Cover, available in ACU and Multicam. Learn More